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JUMPSTART Remember, "What Happens in Vegas"

JUMPSTART Remember, "What Happens in Vegas"

The 21st Century Relations with the Natural World

One of the most important truths is that we are a part of a natural world that has an order and a system in place that maintains overall balance and growth. What this means is that when one lives in awareness and sensitivity to the world we inhabit, one becomes aware of how this environment is set up to provide for us.

Understanding this and learning to reconnect with natures wisdom and bounty will result in a healthier life. To that end, we have collected a number of examples that help show Nature the healer at work.

These are not meant to be tips and suggestions for natural remedies, but a re-introduction to the harmonious way of things, a way of living that is proactively healthful, and when imbalances do occur, the answers are available in methods that heal without harming. Looking at how nature heals leads us to better choices in our own lives.

Armed with such knowledge, one becomes the captain of one's ship, so to speak. Visiting a physician and using drugs can now be a last resort, and one is tempered with the wisdom of another source of healing.

One of the main principles of naturopathic medicine is the vis medicatrix naturae -- usually interpreted as the ability of botanicals to heal. It means literally being in nature and surrounding yourself with the therapeutic smells, sounds, and visual beauty that is your source as well as your curative.

These are not folk remedies, but researched and documented facts. They are not fully detailed here because they are being used as illustrations of traditional and natural mechanismsm, and to remind us where everything we synthesize stems from.

The following information is well documented and easily confirmed and is only a tiny collection of mother nature at work. Today there are at least 120 distinct chemical substances derived from plants that are considered important drugs currently in use in one or more countries in the world.

The key is to re-sensitize ourselves to the ways of the natural world we ARE a part of and sustained by. Believe it or not, scientists and drugs are not the source of good health.

It is worth knowing that:

There is a sea cucumber that secretes a liquid that has amazing antibiotic and healing properties. Scientists are currently researching its application in medicine.

In an environment where there is any poisonous species, there is also aways an available cure or antidote. This tells us a great deal.

Eating garlic works as a very, very effective antibiotic, antibacterial, and antifungal -- even more than most commercial products.

Seven plant-derived anticancer drugs have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for commercial production.

Aspirin comes from the willow tree.

Clinical trials have begun in the U.K. into one plant, figwort, after scientists confirmed traditional uses as a solution to to diabetes.

Amongst other things, Apple Cider Vinegar improves mood and for many even elevates dreams.

Water is an amazing curative. In addition to many other benefits, it is known to improve skin tone, especiialy when taken with unrefined sea crystals. Use it daily for constipation, dandruff, clearing sinuses, acne, gastric problems, weight loss, and the list goes on and on. We cannot stress enough -- drink lots of water!

Coconut milk is full of nutrients and balances electrolytes, lowers blood pressure, helps prevent herpes outbreaks, cures constipation, and much more.

Raw vegetables, apples, and even fish, turkey, and steak act as natural abrasives that scrub the surface of the teeth while you chew. They also massage the gum tissue, which makes the gums healthier. In 1939, Canadian dentist Weston Price published Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, an account of his travels around the world observing the diets and dental health of indigenous cultures.

Those who ate traditional local foods packed with the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, such as meats, shellfish, and animal fats, had perfect dental arches, no tooth decay, and virtually no chronic disease. Those who ate modern, processed food had extensive decay and a host of modern maladies like arthritis and cancer.

There is a white periwinkle flower that not only treats infections but also is used in a leukemia chemotherapy treatment.

Borax is used to treat baldness successfully.

High in Vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium and potassium, cayenne is a wonderful healing aid for the digestive system. It acts as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of other foods and herbs when used with them. But most notably, cayenne has been used successfully to relieve heart attacks.

Egg whites can bring a temperature down quickly.

Urine is an effective treatment for many things, and is being used in Europe to treat AIDS.

Looking for a powerful antibiotic? Use sea salt, there's almost nothing better.

If you have acne, or acne rosacea, use tea tree oil to work wonders.

You can cure warts with banana peel.

Ginger root will cure sinus congestion. Try it before anything else.

Many health problems are mitigated or even eliminated over time by providing proper circulation of the blood using a cold shower massage with almond or sesame seed oil (applied before entering the shower.)

A so-called 'macrobiotic diet' - brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, beans, miso soup, etc., will have astounding benefits on health, often reversing serious ailments.

There is a natural bacteria that quickly cures yeast infections.

Andrographis boosts production of antibodies and macrophages (cells that ingest viruses), making it effective against the common cold and at reducing fever. Chinese and Swedes have long known this.

Exemplative quote from a traditional healer in Russia: "For cuts and grazes rub on the sap from a fir tree. If your tummy is playing up eat the bark from a pine tree. And if you've got toothache boil up the bark from a birch tree and gargle."

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