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JUMPSTART Remember, "What Happens in Vegas"

JUMPSTART Remember, "What Happens in Vegas"

Here's what we've learned over the years:

· Stop drinking sodas and start drinking water and sparkling water instead. Drinking soda is simply not wise. The pH of soda is around 2. When the body's  ph is too acid, it fosters a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus & virus, and robs you of natural energy. In fact, get your ph levels alkaline for optimal health.

· Limit sugar intake: Might sound bizarre but sugar gives you instant energy, but a few hours later, and in the long term, it will only make you more tired.

· When you feel stressed take 10 deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. Remember, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slow and deep.

· Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It's as easy as a walk around the block. Don't exercise close to bed time.

· Drink Green Tea instead of Coffee, or take a healthy energy supplement.

· Sleep around 6 hours a night, but avoid sleeping more than 7-8 hours.

· Stay away from Hydrogenated Oils. Read the ingredients on the back of products you buy in the supermarket.

· STOP USING THE MICROWAVE! It kills all food value (118 degrees and all enzymes die) that can provide energy and nutrients, and we won't mention all   the other dangers that have been ignored about their use. Your food will not nourish you if it has been nuked. Instead, it will stay undigested inside where it   rots and causes disease. Eat biologically healthy and active foods for optimal health and energy.

· Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

· Eat fruits with your breakfast and eat vegetables with your lunch and dinner.

· Meditations or affirmations before you go to bed and when you wake up will charge you with the right energy.

· Listen to your favorite song whenever you need a pick-me-up. Music carries energy and is a fast way to get stimulated.

· Eat breakfast. It will increase your energy and productivity at work.

· Don't be too busy for lunch. Researchers agree that performance scores plunge when people miss lunch.

· Take short breaks throughout the day. Get up from your chair and take a little walk. Stop looking at the computer screen. Stretch. Go get a cold drink of   water. Short breaks help you refocus and re-energize.

· Check for food intolerances or allergies: Most people with low grade food allergies and sensitivities are unaware that they have them because the   symptoms are as subtle as low energy and difficulty losing weight.

· Eat protein at every meal: One of the most important ways to keep your blood sugar balanced and energy levels high is to include protein at every meal,   breakfast and snacks included. The best protein sources include fish, organic meat, chicken, eggs, yogurt, and whey protein powder.

· Make sure you're getting enough key nutrients, such as Carnitine, CoQ10, magnesium, B-complex, and Omega 3's for optimal energy and health levels.

· Check for yeast overgrowth in the intestines: Gas, bloating, and carbohydrate or sugar cravings are often caused by yeast overgrowth which in turn causes   low energy levels.

· Make sure you do not have any medical conditions that can cause fatigue. These include low thyroid function, low iron, high iron (hemochromatosis), and   a range of other ailments which can be determined by blood tests.

· Maintain emotional stability. This is important to avoid stresses to the body. Learn ways of promoting healthy states of mind. This will always serve you   best and militate against disease which when you break it down is a result of dis - ease (when you are not at ease.)

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