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  Serene for Healthy Sleep and Worked Muscle Relaxation!

Chronic stress, tension, anxiety and lack of a good nights sleep (caused from deadlines at work, unruly children, anxiety from school, etc.) over time can and will negatively affect your health, your happiness and your overall enjoyment of life. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol for an immediate escape, however, many times it only irritates the problem.

insomnia cure for better sleepMany people are finding healthy alternatives to relax fatigued and tense muscles. Serene is an herbal supplement that was designed to support relaxation and calming to muscles as well as mind. It has highly concentrated extracts of the most powerful relaxing herbs known to science in a specifically chosen balance. For an OTC muscle relaxer and anti-stress supplement, this is as strong as it gets and there are no deleterious side-effects or hangover.

Wild Jujube seed has been highly regarded by the Chinese for centuries for its supportive relaxation properties and extremely low toxicity. Numerous studies have demonstrated components of magnolia bark (magnolol and honokiol) to support regulation and calming of the central-nervous-system, reducing stress and anxiety.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that is one of the main components of green tea. Research has shown that L-Theanine can increase levels of GABA (see below), a brain chemical known for its calming effects, and dopamine, which can promote mood enhancement.

The L-Theanine Relaxation Effect:

L-Theanine readily crosses the blood-brain barrier of humans and exerts subtle changes in biochemistry. An increase in alpha waves has been documented and the effect has been compared to getting a massage or taking a hot bath. L-Theanine is different from kava-kava in that it doesn’t cause drowsiness. Research with human volunteers has demonstrated that L-Theanine creates its relaxing effect in approximately 30 to 40 minutes after ingestion. The mechanism behind this effect is two-fold:

1) L-Theanine directly stimulates production of alpha brain waves, which creates a deep state of relaxation while maintaining mental alertness.

2) L-Theanine appears to play a role in the formation of gamma-aminobutyric acid, better known as GABA. GABA acts as a powerful manager of neurotransmitters and helps maintain relaxed levels of neuron activity.

Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid is a derivative of the neuro-transmitter GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid ) that successfully crosses the blood-brain barrier, unlike GABA itself. Clinically, it has indicated supportive effects for anti-anxiety, muscle relaxation and a pervasive feeling of tranquillity.

SAMe is necessary in the manufacture of important brain compounds such as neurotransmitters and phospholipids like phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine. Supplementing the diet with SAMe results in increased levels of serotonin, dopamine, and phosphatidylserine. It improves binding of neurotransmitters to receptor sites, which causes increased serotonin and dopamine activity and improved brain cell membrane fluidity, all resulting in significant clinical improvement. In fact, from a number of clinical studies, it appears that SAMe and St John's Wort are the most effective natural antidepressants (extract of St. John's Wort standardized to contain 0.3 percent hypericin.)

Calcium and Magnesium are well known for their tranquilizing effects and deficiencies of either may produce muscle spasms and cramps, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, lack of sleep or restless sleep and physical fatigue. Both L-theanine and valerian are well documented to support the formation of GABA, which influences the levels of two other neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, producing the key relaxation effect. So if you are experiencing muscle pain or discomfort, feel stressed, have insomnia or trouble getting a good nights rest, try Serene, and take back your life.

get a great Deep nights sleep!

Provides Relaxation & Tension Relief to Muscles - Take 2 capsules to relax and soothe aching muscles, or to reduce muscle pain, or simply to relax and soothe your mind and body.

Supports Healthy, Deep & Restful Sleep - Take 4 capsules at bedtime and experience an incredibly deep and restful sleep. You've never had natural sleeping pills like these.

OTC Muscle Relaxation Supplement

Active Ingredients: (Amount per 4 capsules)

Calcium (carbonate/citrate) - 550 mg
Magnesium (oxide/glycinate) - 250 mg
Serene Proprietary Blend - 1750 mg
Jujube (2% jujubosides)
St Johns Wort
Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid (Phenibut)
Magnolia Bark (2% honokiol & magnolol)
SunTheanine (L-Theanine)
Valerian Root (1% valernic acids)



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