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100% natural remedies for skin allergies, incontinence, overactive thyroid, mites & more! Plus, products for pancreatic, joint and adrenal problems, as well as two all natural shampoos.


Check out the new natural remedies for dogs and cats suited to address many common dog and cat health issues below, and be sure to browse for many other pet health care products to meet any pet health need!

  • Pancreas BoosterTM Promotes pancreatic health and digestive functioning
  • Allergy Itch EaseTM Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves skin allergies and itch
  • Better-Bladder ControlTM Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves incontinence and strengthens the bladder
  • Thyroid SootheTM Homeopathic remedy temporarily soothes the thyroid, heart and endocrine systems
  • Adrenal Super-BoostTM Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves adrenal fatigue & supports adrenal gland functioning
  • Manage Mites ShampooTM Cleansing herbal shampoo promotes healthy skin in dogs
  • Manage Mites SprayTM Cleansing skin spray promotes healthy skin in dogs
  • BeFree Flea ShampooTM Cleansing shampoo helps deter fleas, flies and mosquitoes
  • Clean-Cat Shampoo with ChamomileTM Non-irritating, calming cleansing shampoo formulated for cats




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